At the opening of Guy’s movie Snatch.
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In New York during the Drowned World tour.



From the making of the video for What It
Feels Like For A Girl, directed by Guy Ritchie.
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From the Grammy Awards.
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The first picture of Rocco!



Maddy and Guy in the valley behind Madonnas Beverly Hills mansion.
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From the making of the Don't Tell Me video.



Madonna recapitulating the geisha look while
shooting back drops for the Drowned World Tour.
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Guy and Rocco at the rehearsals for the Drowned World tour.
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With Guy in Miami.
7 pictures ›



On the Swept Away set. The film had the title
"Love, Sex, Drugs and Money" at this stage.
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In Paris.
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At a Jackie Onassis exhibition.



In Donatella Varsaces home in Italy.
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In London.
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At the Turner Awards on Tate Gallery in London.
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From the BMW commercial "Star" by Guy Ritchie.
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From the Mer Girl back drop video, used at the Drowned World Tour.
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From the Paradise (Not For Me) video.
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From Swept Away.
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