Series by Ellen von Unwerth that appeared in the October 1993
issue of Vogue Paris, the Girlie Show tour program, and other places.
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Herb Ritts pics that where everywhere this year.
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Shooting the above session.
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Photos by Herb Ritts of which most were first
published in Interview Magazine, June 1993.
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At the New York premiere of Sleepless in Seattle.
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During the Girlie Show in Sydney, Australia.
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In New York City at a Cinese restaraunt.
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A very Body of Evidence-like look in the Italian TV show Partita Doppia.
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Mene Mene Tekel.



The Evita look, only three years too early.



A couple of snap shots taken by unknown lensman.
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From an French TV show.


From Dangerous Game, directed by Abel Ferrara. The
best movie Madonna has ever appeared in, in our opinion.
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From the Girlie Show tour book. Photo by Herb Ritts.
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Out takes from the same tour book.
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With actor Christofer Walken in the Bad Girl video, directed by David Fincher.
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From the Fever video, directed by Stephane Sednaoui. Two
years earlier, Sednaoui made a video for the Red Hot Chili
Peppers that were very similar to Fever, called Give it Away.
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From the Rain video, directed by Mark Romanek.
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With Christopher during the Girlie Show.
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In Rio for the Girlie Show.
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Lollipop is "klubba" in Swedish. "Klubba".
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The Girlie Show rehearsals.
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Performing Bye Bye Baby at the 1993 MTV Awards.
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With Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot
Chili Peppers at the Arsenio Hall Show.
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At a Prince concert with Jose & Luis.



At some basket ball game.
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