Photo shoot by Steven Meisel that was published in the
American October and the Italian November issues of Vogue.
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In 1987, German magazine Bravo presented Madonna with this
The pictures are from 1992, when the magazine finally
had a chance to give it to her.
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These pictures caused some stir in 1992 when Empire
Magazine putone of them on the cover of the May issue.
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From Body of Evidence, the highly criticized erotic
melodrama by Uli Edel starring Madonna and Willem Defoe.
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With director Uli Edel on the set of Body of Evidence.
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From the SEX book sessions.
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Out takes from the SEX book.
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These pictures appeared in the book, but were covered with text.
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From the making of the SEX book.
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From the SEX video, an 8 mm film, mostly in black and
white, shot by art director Fabien Baron during the Sex sessions.
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Photo shoot by Steven Meisel from Vanity Fair, October 1992.
For some strange reason, the pictures made some people
accuse Madonna of being child pornographic.

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Out takes from the same session.
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During the Vanity Fair session. Steven
Meisel at the other site of the sea saw.





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