Promotional shots for Truth or Dare.
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Madonna copies some of Marilyn Monroe’s most famous poses
in this session by Steven Meisel from Vanity Fair April 1991.

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Madonna celebrating her 33rd birthday. Grey balloons?
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At the 1991 Film Critics Award.



With David Geffen, Geffen Records executive, and Michael Jackson.


If there ever was a thing called a body
stocking, this must be it. Shot by Steven Meisel.
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Arriving in Cannes.
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At the 1991 Cannes film festival, where Truth or Dare was
shown for the first time, under the name In Bed With Madonna.

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Bring interviewed in Cannes by Terry Wogan.
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At the New York premiere of Truth or Dare, with singers and dancers
from the Blond Ambition tour, brother Christopher and Alek Keshishian, director.

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Yet another Truth or Dare premiere. This one was in Los Angeles.
Christopher, Alek Keshishian, Madonnas sisters, Sandra Bernhard,
and irritating rapper Vanilla Ice are seen on the pictures.
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With Michael Jackson at the 1991 Oscars. Madonna performed Sooner or Later.
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With Jacko shortly after the Oscars, at Ivy Restaurant, Los Angeles. The couple
was about to write a song together, In the Closet, but the plans were scrapped.
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At Naomi Campbell’s 21st birthday party.
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Shot by Steven Meisel for a Japanese commercial and Truth or
Dare promotion. Highly inspired by Marilyn Monroe's appearance
at the NYC Madison Sqaure Garden circus show in the 60's.
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The Bad Girl single cover session. The first two pics were first published in
the April 1991 issue of the French magazine Oui.
The others are from the
February 1991 issue of Italian Vogue.
Photographed by Steven Meisel.
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Madonna received this award from British pop magazine Smash Hits.




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