Madonna modelling Jean Paul Gaultier fashion for Jean Baptiste
Mondino in the June 1990 issue
of Harper’s Bazaar.
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From the 1990 Rock The Vote campaign. In the TV ad, Madonna
tried to convince the American people to go out and vote.
She didn't vote herself however.
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From the making of the Justify My Love video. The pictures were
taken by Stephen Sednaoui, who later directed the video for Fever.
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Pictures of Madonna and friends taken in Paris during the
filming of the Justify My Love
video. Tony Ward, Debi Mazar, Jean
Paul Gaultier and Steven Meisel are seen on the pictures.

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With Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris while shooting the video for Justify My Love.
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With Tony Ward in Paris during the same shoot.
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Receiving an award from English magazine Smash Hits.
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With brother Chris and Jean Paultier.
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Two pictures from the December 1990 issue of Glamour Magazine.
In the second picture, which was on the cover, the editors covered the space
between Madonna’s teeth. That made her very angry. When the magazine
made her Woman of the Year, she refused to accept the award.
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Some pics by Herb Ritts from the Blond Ambition tour book.
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Some out takes from the same tour book
that later appeared in different publications.
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This topless picture was only published in the Herb Ritts book Notorious.


Madonna photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino, who
directed the
Justify My Love and Open Your Heart videos.
The pictures appeared
in the June 1990 issue of Face Magazine.
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Session by Francesco Scavullo from 1990. The first pic was
found in the June issue of English
Cosmopolitan and the fourth in
the May issue of the American edition of the same magazine.

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Helmut Newton’s pictures from Vanity Fair April 1990.
8 pictures ›



Numerous out takes from the same photo session.
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From Woody Allen’s film Shadows and Fog.
6 pictures ›



In Italy during the Blond Ambition tour.
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