Photographed by Kees Tabak in Amsterdam.
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The Like A Virgin cover session. Photo by Steven Meisel.
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From the Borderline video, the first Madonna
video that was directed by Mary Lambert.
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From the set of the Like A Virgin video, also by Mary Lambert.
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Some snaps by Larry Williams from the making of the same
video. The first two was used on the Like A Virgin maxi single.
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With Jellybean.
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Cover picture of iD Magazine April 1984,
plus six out takes. Photo by Mark Lebon.
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At a so called Amadeus party. This was by the
time of the release of Milos Forman's film Amadeus.
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More Steven Meisel.
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From Desperately Seeking Susan, Madonna's first feature film.
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From the making of Desperately Seeking Susan.
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Promotional shots for Susan by Herb Ritts.
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From interview at the time of Desperately Seeking Susan.






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