With then-boyfriend John "Jellybean" Benitez. Jellybean produced Holiday
and recorded the song Sidewalk talk, which was written by Madonna,
on his album Wotupski. He also did some remixes of Madonna songs.
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The photo session by Gary Heery that appeared on Madonnaís first album.
29 pictures ›



Performance at the Peppermint Lounge in New York.
The dancers are the same as in the Lucky Star video.
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Live performance, and whatever else is going on, at Londonís Camden Palace.
6 pictures ›



Classic photo shoot from London by David Cunningham. Digitalized versions
of some
of these pictures appeared on the cover of the Burning Up maxi single.
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These were also taken in London by Peter Anderson.
12 pictures ›



Very non typical 1983 images by Edo Bertoglio.
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From the same session as the cover of the
reissue of the first album. Photo by George Holy.
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Madonna appeared as a nightclub singer in the film
Vision Quest.
The film was not released until 1985.
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Madonna performed live at many
occasions in 1983, with a different look each time.
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From the time around Lucky Star.
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More from the same period.
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Is that a washing machine or a large loudspeaker? Photos by Brian Aris.
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