Some family snapshots.
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Madonna with mother, the only other woman
called Madonna we’ve ever heard of.


Madonna’s first ever stage performance! A childrens ballet in 1963.



Various school catalogue pics.
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Practicing for her wedding at ten.
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Class photo from the late sixties. Can you spot Madonna?



13 years old.



Madonna participating in a high school play in 1971.



A a cheer leader in the early seventies.
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At shool in in the early seventies.
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With friend Ondine.
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At a party with the gymnastics group in high school.



Sunbathing in 1975.
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At school in 1976. Photo by Peter Kentes.
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With a drama group at shool in 1976.



At college.



With her date at the school prom, Brian Campbell.



As a dance student at the University of Michigan.



In a cabaret production by the University of
Michigan. Madonna is the second girl from the right.



With brother Anthony at a masquerade.



From a talent show Madonna Performed in at Adams High. She is dancing to
the song "Turn Back, O Man" from "Godspell" a play in which she also
performed as a character named "Sonia". The character was written for her.

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With Patrick Hernandez, who had a huge hit with Born to
be Alive. Madonna toured with him as a back up singer in 1977.
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The first ever nude photographs of Madonna. An unknown photographer
shot this set of an 18 year old Maddy. The pictures were first published in
Penthouse, September 1987.

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Photo by Mark Dolengowski. Note that the
boots are the same as in the nude session above.
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Madonna posing for a student at The
University of Michigan named Linda Alaniz in 1976.
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Lipstick or cigar?
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